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Get your sex tips from your partner!

Download iPassion today and start a fun and entertaining game with intimate questions
- tailored to turn to heat up between you and your partner.

Guess Sexy Questions

How it works

  • Play 1-on-1

    Answer questions about your preferences, likes, dislikes and more - and see how well your partner knows you. And find out a lot more about your partner the same way.

  • Who knows best?

    Every time you guess your partner's answer, you get points. First player to reach the goal gets to cash-in a hot favor from the "loser". Select a favor from our list - or be creative and make your own.

  • Chat along the way

    The app's in-app chat area is a fun-zone. If you're not nearby, use it to discuss your new-found knowledge and perhaps make further wagers in the game. The chat area is also where the prizes are stored when the times comes for collecting.

Guess Your Partner's Answers Menu screen

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  • Quick start

    Use Facebook to create your user and to select your partner directly from your list of friends. It's fast and easy - and 100% anonymous. We won't post anything to your Facebook wall.

  • It's free!

    The app can be downloaded absolutely free from both Play Store and the App Store.

  • Starting conversations

    Studies have shown that communication in relationships are important... Duuuuuh! The game is not just fun - it'll also spark lots of fun conversations when you're not playing. It's is a great conversation starter!

Your Favorite Place To Have Sex? Your Favorite Place To Have Sex?

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